The role of the family and parents in educating children

The family has a great role in the child’s education and development, whether in early childhood or in high school, and children who live in homes where educational activities are regularly practiced show a greater tendency to develop their learning practices compared to children who are not regularly exposed to such activities.  That students whose parents read to them, answer their questions about books and publications, give them the opportunity to contact reading and writing materials, and receive positive reinforcement on their learning activities, show positive effects in developing their reading and writing abilities.

Researchers interested in improving learning rates also emphasize the importance of programs that rely on the method of learning across generations in teaching reading and writing skills.

 Children who live in homes where adults only have specific reading and writing skills, or reading and writing is not part of their daily life, are more likely to

 For cognitive and language delay, and this is what calls many educators and educational institutions to consider the educational needs of families as a whole.