The most important steps for living a healthy lifestyle

  Do you think you lead a healthy lifestyle?  Aside from straying from the path of healthy living from time to time, most of us think we are doing a fair job to maintain our health with good eating habits and physical activity, but is this enough for a healthier life?

  The basic criteria for a healthy lifestyle

  Here are the four health criteria that scientists measure whether people follow a healthy lifestyle or not:

1- Not smoking.

  2- Maintaining an ideal weight

  3- Eat healthy meals that contain fruits and vegetables.

  4- Doing sports.

  The four criteria above may not be strange to you, and you may find them very simple, but they are not.

You may reach old age in good health if you become accustomed to a healthy lifestyle, and symptoms and signs of aging may appear before you reach the age of thirty if your life is more chaotic and you do not pay attention to your health until you feel tired and exhausted, and then regret will not help.

 Everyone knows that smoking is very harmful to health, and if you are one of the lucky ones who have never become addicted to nicotine, then ban those who sit next to you and spread their smoke everywhere, they are harmful not only themselves but also everyone around them.

 For a better life, follow this list of the top 10 healthy behaviors that actually contribute to satisfaction with an individual’s lifestyle:

Top 10 healthy behaviors

 1- Keep your teeth and gums free from disease, by using a toothbrush and toothpaste daily.

 2- Adjust the number of hours and the way you sleep. Research has confirmed that a restful sleep with an adequate number of hours prevents many diseases in addition to controlling your appetite for food.

 3- Enjoy daily family meals, this paves the way for lively conversations.  Connecting with family and friends is a powerful aspect of healthy living.

4- Smile and laugh out loud, this will help you overcome situations that may make you more desperate and depressed, making your heart, pressure and immunity vulnerable to many health problems, read comics, watch comedies, or tell jokes to highlight those happy feelings.

 5- Pay attention to the spiritual aspect and sincerely worship God. Meditation is good for your soul, and it helps to meet the requirements of daily life, and may help lower your blood pressure.

 6- Pay attention to your physical activity. Walking or brisk walking and running may be enough to give you adequate physical health, relieve stress, burn calories, and boost self-esteem.

7- Adjust your diet. The diet is really a cause either in health or disease. Pay attention to protein, fiber and small amounts of nuts to always feel energy and satiety.

 8- More than drinking water and fluids, this will keep you hydrated and keep your digestive system healthy.

 9- Do not care what other people think of you.  Do not spend your energy on other people’s opinions, be true to yourself, and you will attract people who truly love and appreciate who you are.

 10 – Think of yourself positively and respect it, this helps you to continue success and challenge difficulties, if you do not support yourself, who will support you.