The most important rules and secrets for self and self motivation

All too often, some of us are bored with the routine that we do on a daily basis, and in those moments, even people who are satisfied with what they do, may find it difficult to push themselves to continue efficiently.  So in this article, we have prepared for you a set of rules and tips for stimulating the psyche and restoring balance to the self.  We leave you with it:

1- One of the most important ways to motivate oneself is to set your eyes towards the prize. When we focus on what we want, it will be achieved in our life, and when we focus on being happy and motivated people, we will be so.

 2- Live your life simply, most people do not see themselves as creative because they link creativity with complexity, but creativity is simplicity.

 3- Plan your work carefully. Careful planning of work will motivate you to work more and worry less.

4- Choose happy companionship, and avoid friends who do not support change in your life.  Being with positive and supportive people is one of the most important ways to motivate yourself and yourself.

  5- Do not do anything, sit with yourself alone and relax for a long time, do not turn on music or television, but be with yourself, watch what happens to your silence, notice the ideas that will begin to appear, notice your relationship with yourself and you will become more comfortable and in harmony with yourself.

  6- Use brain chemicals, which are activated when you laugh, sing, dance, run or hug someone, and with these things you have provided yourself with waves of energy and motivation.

7- Use times of rest to rest, not live by, use them to relax and restore energy for the next stage.  But if you use comfort points to live with all your life, they will become cages for your soul!

 8- Deal with things out of play, whatever you do, whether it is a project at work, or a cleaning process at home, if you turn it into a fun game, you will show higher levels of motivational energy.