The importance of the father’s role in the family

 It is a big mistake for the mother to bear the responsibility of caring for the children alone, and the father’s preoccupation with the livelihood and providing a safe life for the family does not justify the importance of his presence in the stages of raising the child, and what he provides in building his personality in a balanced manner.  Today we will talk about the important role that the father plays in caring for children.

Family integration

 The presence of the father means protection, care, example, authority and family integration in a manner that differs from what children find with the mother, by communicating and trying to get closer to the son, the roles played by both the father and the mother are very important in the educational development of the child despite their differences.

 The task of the father should not be limited to securing housing, clothing, expenses, and portraying the father as an authoritarian dictator who is firm in everything.  Whereas, the father’s participation in parenting, caring for children, their friendship and knowledge of their ideas, preferences and hobbies achieves family balance.

Guiding and interacting with children

 The father’s role is to guide and straighten his children, and to use severity and firmness with the son as well as compassion and tolerance with him. The presence of the father represents a kind of deterrent dialogue.  Makes his children wary of making mistakes;  By getting close to them and spending enough time with them.  And accustom them to the method of dialogue and discussion.

 The interaction of a father with his children gives them the feeling of a tender chest that they turn to when it is difficult for them to solve their problems on their own.  Thus, he removes the problem of loss from them, and he must be aware and aware of every decision that children make in his absence.

A father is a role model for children

 The multiplicity of the responsibility of the father outside the home does not exempt him from his family responsibility, which is no less important;  Where he should be a model and role model for his children;  So that it is easier for them to imitate the good behavior in their lives instead of implementing tips and commands for behaviors they do not see.

 A father is idealistic for his children, the hero they imitate in everything.  His movements, behaviors, humility, aspirations and aspirations, and a father who has a clear and sound presence both mentally and financially in the life of his family and his children can prevent many obstacles to growth and deviations from them.

Child development

 Children need to be encouraged and assured of approval and acceptance from their father;  In order for them to enjoy a life of courage and cooperation, the father’s appreciation is good for alerting the child to the best of what he has, and to inspiring him with enthusiasm to do the best he can.

 The child’s abilities grow to encourage and diminish blame and discouragement, and the word of encouragement that he gets from his father when given at the time is the basic stone in the formation of self-confidence that drives him to show courage, determination and balance.  To later become the creative personality.

Teaching the child to respect others

 The father’s role is to give his children, in a short conversation, an explanation of the meaning of disciplined behavior.  The child is a logical, moderate being who responds if he is respected and treated on the level of his humanity. As for treatment on the basis of command, forbidding and punishment, it raises a lot of concern, anxiety and aggression, and an image of the father as an authoritarian, ruthless and brutal.

 Only a father is able to raise his son on respect for others, their rights and beliefs;  To help him to see life from a wide horizon, to look at its problems and issues with an objective eye, free from the effects of prejudice and prejudice, and also to teach his child how to disagree with others in opinion and then maintain his respect for him.