Sharing the responsibility of raising children among the parents

Raising children is not the sole responsibility of the mother:

 Parents play a major role in raising children and helping them develop the skills they possess and teach them how to use them at the right times and in the necessary situations, in addition to parents providing all means of entertainment, in all stages that children go through, especially in adulthood, at this particular stage children learn many  One of the important lessons from parents that helps them in facing life’s challenges is raising children is a joint responsibility between the mother and the father and is not limited to the mother only, it is a participatory process and a collective responsibility between the parents.

What is the father’s role in raising children?

 Most of the time the father does not participate in the process of raising children in all its aspects, as some fathers think that their role in education is limited to providing financial support only. This is a wrong belief as the father’s responsibility in parenting includes all material and moral aspects as well. It is necessary for the father to participate  The mother in raising children and guiding them, the father’s participation in raising children will lead to major changes in correcting all the errors arising from their behavior and thus supporting the psychological health of the children. The mother alone can achieve all means of proper education, but the father’s participation is necessary to increase the children’s self-confidence, and feel  Children are accepted in society and loved by parents, thus increasing children’s self-confidence and success in their lives.

One of the most important roles that the father contributes to in parenting is the development of the child’s emotional side, where the father shows feelings of love, respect and appreciation for the child, here the child feels that his father is a source of emotional security for him, the father who supports the child continuously contributes to the healthy social development of the child  As the nature of the normal relationship between the father and the child is reflected in the method that the child uses with all the people around him, the relationship of the father with his daughter is also reflected in the way in which his daughter will deal with her husband in the long run, as the father, in turn, builds in his daughter’s mind how to deal with the man  With femininity, and how to be friendly and gentle, these are the qualities that his daughter will view in a different way when choosing her partner.