Seven steps to help families prevent their children from using drugs

All parents want their children to be fruitful, successful, they want to have their own being, people love and appreciate them, so they build them up a good upbringing, to raise them as they want and prefer, so every family supports their children to become the best in society, and to protect themselves from difficulties  .

Seven steps to help families prevent their children from using drugs:

 1- Trusting children at home:

 As there are many parents who think that it is wrong to discuss and argue with their children about the issue of drugs, and some families leave the subject of drug awareness to school, but the school curriculum does not provide sufficient information on this important and dangerous topic.

 2- Parents should embody their behavior with everything they say:

 Many parents make the mistake when they overemphasize that they can raise their children away from drugs.

3- Parents must educate their children from a young age:

 Parents should provide their children with information about the harms of drugs and how to avoid them in childhood.

 4- Parents should keep their children away from drugs:

 In this step, parents need to be decisive in their stance against drugs.

 5- Avoid giving parents lectures to their children:

 Where parents can open conversations with their children casually, indirectly, for example: while watching TV, or while roaming in the car.

6- Parents offer alternatives to their children:

 This step includes parents providing alternatives to make children happy and fill their lives with useful things, such as: sports, arts, volunteering, and other positive things.

 7- Parents offer their children an opportunity to reject and say no:

 A family who gives their children the word no will later be able to turn down their friends’ offers, including drug abuse.