8 effective ways to motivate your team

Working in a team requires the availability of many skills, especially for the leader, who has the responsibility of managing the team and employing the individual skills in it to harmonize with each other and work in one context and achieve the best results.  And work, as a whole, goes through difficult periods in which the need for motivation is great and that responsibility also rests with the leader .. So these are some useful ways in which you can motivate your team and encourage it to work with maximum energy and effectiveness.

The importance of motivation in the workplace

  There are several reasons why employee motivation is important.  Basically because it allows management to achieve company goals, without an enthusiastic workplace, companies can be placed in a precarious position.  Enthusiastic employees can lead to increased productivity, and on the other hand, imagine an employee who is not motivated at work, most likely spending time surfing the Internet for personal pleasure or even looking for another job.  This is a waste of your time and resources. Note that this depends on one employee, and if it is applied to the majority of employees the result will be disastrous in the end.

Benefits of employee motivation

  Employee motivation is very important to every company due to the benefits it brings to the company.  Benefits include:

  Increase employee commitment When employees are motivated to act, they will generally do their best in the tasks assigned to them.

  Improve employee satisfaction

  Employee satisfaction is important for every company as this can lead to positive growth for the company

Continuous employee development

  Motivation can facilitate a worker’s reaching his personal goals, and it can facilitate an individual’s self-development.

 Once this need is satisfied, the employees realize the clear link between effort and results, which will motivate them to continue at a high level

Effective ways to motivate a team

  Here are some ways you can motivate your team:

 1- Pay them what they deserve When you determine your employees’ salaries, make sure that they are in line with what other companies pay in your industry and geographic region, and remember that according to statistics, about 26% of employees say they will leave their current job for only a 5% increase in salary.  So you don’t lose the good guys because you pay them too little.

  2- Providing a nice place to work Everyone wants to work in a clean, stimulating and comfortable office environment, and this makes them feel satisfied, not bad.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the office a more enjoyable place.  Some simple things will do the trick, such as comfortable chairs, organized desks, some implants, and simple entertainment items to rest from time to time.

3. Providing opportunities for self-development Your team members will be more valuable to your organization and themselves when they have opportunities to learn new skills.  Provide your team with the training they need to advance their careers and become up-to-date with the latest technology and industry news.

4- Avoid useless meetings Meetings can be incredibly time consuming – an average of 3.8 hours are wasted in unproductive meetings every week – set an agenda for your meetings in advance, invite only the people who really need to attend, and start the meeting on time,  Then finish it as soon as you can.

  5- Don’t punish them for failure We all make mistakes, it’s part of being a human being, and it’s the key to learning valuable lessons so we don’t commit them again.  And when your team members make mistakes unintentionally, don’t punish them – instead – encourage them to try again.

 This is the importance of motivation and the best methods used to motivate and encourage employees.